About Edward Christopher

Edward Christopher Webb

Born with a natural talent to create, inspired by the way things interact with one another and always busy doing something that was fascinating to others.

Wanting to give the viewer an opportunity to see through my eyes the way I see things.

My paintings are energetic, colourful and filled with emotion.  I inherited a number of styles and techniques, therefore there is no specific trend that I would like to follow.  Looking at anything as a possibility that needs to be put into reality.

My Motto

It's not about the money, it's about the passion.

This is


Let the God who created the mountains, help you over your daily mountains.



Just Imagine

Table Mountain




God's Word

God's Word is like a good wine, matured for years, valuable enough to share.  Once tasted, you'll crave it. The label - I was, I am and will forever be.

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